miércoles, 8 de abril de 2020

Is Online a hype?

After another Online class delivered, this time a very small, but professional class of Lean Portfolio Management, it’s time for reflections on all this with Online communication.

I don’t care what people say: Online is NOT as good as face to face. There is so much you lose.
Online is NOT as good as face to face
Body Language, levels of energy, ability to have a good discussion with several people. However, you can adapt and make a reasonably good and efficient Online experience. With more preparation and information shared beforehand (even homework!). Lots of breaks, more than one teacher (important!) to load balance when energy is low, and to help with questions popping up (chat or “raised hands”) or technical issues (always some of those…).

Typically a presential course spreads out over more, shorter days when going Online. The fact that you have more daybreaks, is actually good. Students will have more time to reflect and ask follow-up questions or request clarifications. Teachers will also have time to look up stuff and share this information before next session if needed. On this, online courses have some advantages. Typically, you also need a backup channel, in case videoconference tool fails, which can also be used to stay in touch with students, for follow up sessions or any related issue. This Is a must! A backup video conference system should also be available, you simply NEVER know if your favourite Internet application will be overloaded.

Also, if you have to deliver the course in a non-native language, this will be a bit more difficult online, you really miss the body language of the Face to Face classes (for me as guiri understanding Galician, Andalusian or other accents is more difficult when Online). Sometimes with poor internet connections all students cannot keep Video on all the time – its significantly more boring with less video connections! Simply less feedback.

I’m convinced that the Remote way of meeting, training, school education etc. that we are now forced to use on a massive scale – is here to stay. i.e. we will not go back to where we were, even after the Corona hiatus of reality, we will be more used to, and therefore inclined to use; the online way of communicating.  

A stated way back in the 90:s – “Work Is a process, not a place!”

Right now we have no choice but to work and communicate remotely - later we will choose to.

Robert Ramirez Dahlberg

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